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Dave, Phil, and Bill at the Whiskey (a Go Go)
in 1982 by Gary Leonard.

The Blasters in front of someone's old Impala.
Dave has no idea anymore whom it belonged to.
Shot in Downey, around 1983 by Gary Leonard.

Dave, Dave's Mom, Nana, and Big Joe Turner. The Lingerie Club (Hollywood) in 1983.
Nana passed away the next year; Big Joe,
the year after. Photo by Gary Leonard.

The Blasters at Wolfgang's (SF) around 1985.

Dave and songwriter/producer/musician/all around good guy,
Willie Dixon.

Dave's "musical hero/producer": Greg Leisz.
Dave says: If I'm any good at all, Greg
deserves a lot of the credit.

In Italy in 1996 with some of Dave's favorite
songwriters: from the left are Terry Allen, Peter Case
(cap and glasses), and Butch Hancock. Next to Dave
is a local fan - Dave thinks his name was Cesare. Dave says:
It was late at night in a bar in some hilltop town
overlooking the Adriatic and none of us were feeling any pain.

Dave, with "musical genius" Clarence
Gatemouth Brown, "harmonica wizard" Billy
Boy Arnold, and Blues DJ, Gary Chiachi
backstage at the 1997 Blues Unplugged show at
Cal State Long Beach. Dave remembers:
It was an incredible night with Gatemouth,
Billy Boy, Joe Louis Walker and me doing solo, acoustic
sets followed by various jams. Gatemouth, known primarily as
a great guitarist, had me play guitar as he played fiddle on old
bluegrass, country and polka songs. A very eclectic man. Gary says
that these shows were all recorded and might released someday.
I hope!

Dave with Tom Russel and Andrew Hardin at the
1996 (or 1997) Strawberry Festival in Yosemite.
Dave remembers: It was at a songwriting workshop
very, very, very early in the morning when all
self-respecting songwriters are still in bed.

Dave and Billy Joe Shaver at Jack's Sugar
Shack (Hollywood) in 1997. Bill had dared Dave to sing with him. Dave says: I was scared to death.
What a songwriter!

Dave and Ramblin' Jack Elliot taken in
Sebasatopol CA in 1999 when Dave recored a
song with Jack for his last CD. Photo by Chris Felver.

Dave with Doug Sahm (cowboy hat)
Chris Gaffney (cap) and the Leroi Bros.
at the Continental in Austin, TX.
This was an after-hours Jam session after the
Austin City Limits taping. Photo by
Bill Davis.

Dave with Little Milton and Keb Mo
backstage at the Arcadia Club in Santa Monica
in Feb, 2000. Keb Mo and Dave sat in with Little Milton
that night and Little Milton and Dave got into a little (friendly)
guitar battle. Dave says it was a blast! Photo by
Rosemarie Patronette.

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