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Apr, 2006 - Some things sad and some things not

Aug, 2005 - Just catching up

June, 2004 - Thoughts before the Ashgrove Tour

May, 2003: Many fans have been confused about what version of the Blasters are playing any given gig. Dave has a response which should help:

In order to clear up any misunderstandings that might arise, I wanted
to let people know that if The Blasters are advertised as performing
anywhere and the ad does not say "The Original Blasters," then neither
Bill Bateman, Gene Taylor or myself will be performing with the band.
Upcoming shows like the southern California "Hootenanny" show or the
"Taste of Long Beach" show are NOT Original Blasters shows. I repeat,
they are NOT Original Blasters shows. The shows currently being
advertised for July in Europe, though, ARE Original Blaster shows.
Sound confusing? I'm often confused myself. Sometimes, someone
somewhere tries to lure people to gigs by creating confusion as to what
members will be there. This does everyone a disservice. The current
Blasters (or the "new" Blasters) are a great band that more than lives
up the Blaster heritage, so go see them and have a great time. But DO
NOT, I repeat, DO NOT expect to see me or any member of the first
edition band on stage. We may be backstage having a beer but that's a
different story.  Keep Rockin', Dave Alvin
November, 2002 - 10 Songs I Wish I had Written

October, 2002 - Musical Heroes, Old and New

January, 2000 - Don't Get Out of the Van

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