A Note From DA

I'm sitting here taking a break from packing for the upcoming Knitters tour 
of the USA and wanted to post a quick note to clear up any possible 
misunderstandings regarding what's going on this summer. 

I'm not abandoning my solo career and my band, The Guilty Men, in any way.
The Knitters is a musical side project with some dear, longtime friends. We
made a record about 20 years ago (Poor Little Critter On The Road) just
for fun and we decided to make another one this year (The Modern Sounds
Of The Knitters), also just for fun. It's sort of my summer vacation away
from myself. I don't have to sing or pay all the bills or stress out about
anything except whether or not I'm playing anything decent on the guitar
(I'll certainly be stressing about that). We will also be appearing on The
David Letterman Show on either August 8th or 12th. Check your local listings,
as they say.

For fans of The Guilty Men, there are some shows scheduled in the fall in 
California and Texas. I also have a few solo/acoustic shows booked for the fall. 
There should be copies of a new, special edition live Guilty Men CD for sale
at those gigs. The CD is called The Great American Galaxy. It was recorded
in January and Feburary of this year at The Great American Music Hall in San
Francisco and The Galaxy Theatre in Costa Mesa with the current Guilty Men
line up.  I think that this CD is the best of the 3 live CDs I've done. I'm
very proud of my band and this CD shows why. They're one of the best blues
blasting, folk rock and rolling, honky-tonking, van driving outfits to ever
hit the interstate barroom circuit. The CD is sort of the soundtrack for
an upcoming live DVD that the amazing director Joe Murray is making. The
footage I've seen so far looks stunning. Joe's done an incredible job. I
hope the DVD gets out early next year. And, if everything goes right and
the planets are aligned correctly, I plan to begin doing some preliminary
recording this winter on my next CD.

So now that that's all cleared up, I hope I'll run into some of you on my 
summer vacation with The Knitters. See ya down the road,

August 1, 2005