Results of the 2nd Blasters/Dave Alvin Poll

You can still see the 2nd Blasters/Dave Alvin Poll Questions and the results from the First Blasters/Dave Alvin Poll. Below I list the responses to the 2nd poll and the number or responses for each entry, first by poll result, then alphabetically. A few minor surprises.... I'm curious now to see how Blackjack David will stack up next time with King of California.

Thanks for participating and I hope this was all of at least some interest/amusement.

Fave Blaster

I think the tally here got a little skewed after Dave's album came out and tour started so I list the vote count both before and after all this started. Still, either way, Dave takes the award for the second straight time.

Dave Alvin 63 (31 before Dave's tour/album)
Phil Alvin 22 (18 before Dave's tour/album)
John Bazz 4
Lee Allen 2
Bill Bateman 2
Gene Taylor
Keith Wyatt

Fave Blaster Album

I still find is surprising that the least available album continues to have such a strong showing. Overall ranking is not much different from the first poll.

Blasters 28
American Music 27
American Music Re-release 15
Non Fiction 11
Hard Line 10
Blasters Bootleg 3
Over There

Fave Blasters Song

Border Radio won last time although I expected Marie Marie to be stronger than it was. Looks like my expectations were more accurate this time.

Marie Marie 23
American Music 13
Border Radio 11
So Long Baby, Goodbye 7
Long White Cadillac 4
No Other Girl 3
Blue Shadows 2
Dark Night 2
Help You Dream 2
Hollywood Bed 2
Trouble Bound 2
Bus Station
Colored Lights
Come in this House
Common Man
Dream With You
Fool's Paradise
I Don't Want To
I'm Shakin'
Jubiless Train
Just Another Sunday
Little Honey
One Bad Stud
Red Rose
Roll 'em Pete
Room 16

Fave Dave Album

The poll was started before the new album, Blackjack David, was out, so that's why it is not included in the tally. There did seem to be a strong correlation between selecting Dave for favorite Blaster and King of California as favorite Dave album.

King of California 39
Interstate City 16
Romeo's Escape 11
Blue Boulevard 11
Museum of Heart 10

Fave Dave Other Album

A few people picked another Dave solo album here, but I didn't count those as I meant it to be any other work he is associated with.

Tennessee Border 10
Tulare Dust 10

Pleasure Barons: Live in Las Vegas 6
Derailers Jackpot 4
The Knitters 4
See How We Are (X) 3
Long Way Around 2
Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs - The Other White Meat
Border Radio Soundtack
Cameo in "Great Balls of Fire"
Candye Kane - Diva la Grande
Country Dick Montana
The Devil Lied to Me (???)
Fly Rite Production
Chris Gaffney - Mi Vida Loca
Gun Club - Las Vegas Story
Intercords (Dave Alvin Interview LP)
L.A. Rockabilly
The Rose of San Joaquin

Fave Dave-penned Song

The award for the favorite song Dave wrote that Dave didn't actually write goes to Blue Wing!

Fourth of July 22
Border Radio 6
Wanda & Duane 6
Long White Cadillac 5
Blue Wing 4
King of California 4
Dry River 3
Museum of Heart 3
American Music 2
Andersonville 2
Don't Talk about Her 2
Every Night About this Time 2
Haley's Comet 2
Interstate City 2
So Long Baby, Goodbye 2
Thirty Dollar Room 2
Blue Boulevard
Brand New Heart
California Snow
Common Man
Evening Blues
Far Away
Goodbye Again
Help You Dream
Hollywood Bed
Laurel Lynn
Marie Marie
Romeo's Escape
Wish it was Saturday Night
Why Did She Stay with Him

Fave Dave-performed Song

Fourth of July 13
Blue Wing 8
King of California 7
Long White Cadillac 5
Wanda and Duane - live 6/25/96 Cotati, CA
Wanda and Duane 3
Haley's Comet 3
Do Re Mi 2
Dry River 2
Jubilee Train (/Medley) 2
Museum of Heart 2
Out in California 2
Romeo's Escape 2
Barn Burning
Between the Cracks
Blackjack David
Blue Boulevard
Border Radio
Don't Talk about Her
Every Night about this Time
Games People Play
Hard Times to Come
Kern River
Marie Marie
Mary Brown
New Tattoo
Promised Land
Thirty Dollar Room
Waiting for the Hard Times to Go
You Got Me

Other Blaster Music

X 4
Big Sandy and the Fly-right Boys 3
James Intveld 3
Paladins 3
The Skeletons 3
Robert Gordon 2
Hollisters 2
Jason and the Scorchers 2
Los Lobos 2
Whiskeytown 2
Amazing Royal Crowns
Beat Farmers
Belmont Playboys
Junior Brown
Johnny Cash
Cigar Store Indians
Ronnie Dawson
The Derailers
Steve Earle
Joe Ely
Flat Duo Jets
Kevin Gordon
Gun Club
Hi Fi & the Roadburners (Chicago-Victory Records)
Holmes Brothers
Jimmy and the Gigilos
Candye Kane
The Knitters
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials
Little Feat
"My collection of Blasters bootlegs"
The Old 97s
Louis Prima
She Stole my Beer
Streets of Fire
The Tailgators
Lucinda Williams
Dwight Yoakam
The Zeros

Other Dave Music

Joe Ely 7
Tom Russel 7

Steve Earle 5
John Doe 2
John Doe (live)
Los Lobos 2
Dave Alvin's book: Any Rough Times are Now Behind You
Greg Brown
Ray Campi
Ronnie Dawson
Fred Eaglesmith
The Flatirons
Rosie Flores
Ani diFranco
Robby Fulks
Chris Gaffney
Jimme Dale Gilmore
Woody Guthrie
Ronnie Hawkins
Ray Wiley Hubbard
John Hiatt
Robert Earl Keen
The Lone Assassins (my Chicago unsigned band)
Buddy Miller
The Paladins
Gram Parsons
Kelly Joe Phelps
Charlie Robison
The Skeletons
Slobberbone (from Denton, TX)
Bruce Springsteen
Dan Stuart
Johnny Sughrue
Webb Wilder
Erica Wissolik

Fave Philism

Grins 32
Dedications and Prattle 16
Spanish 13
Arms 8
Leg Kicks 6
Sweaty Jacket 3

Dave Duet

Well Phil, Dave, how about it?:)

Phil 10
Emmy Lou Harris 6
Lucinda Wiliams 6
Steve Earle 3
John Hiatt 3
Bruce Springsteen 3
Joe Ely 2
Kim Lenz 2
Buddy Miller 2
Dwight Yoakam 2
Marcia Ball
Buddy Blue
Michael Bolton
Junior Brown
Neko Case
John Doe
Anna Egge
Tammy Faye
Sue Foley
Rosie Flores (again!)
Ani diFranco
Chris Gaffney
Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Joey Harris
Ronnie Hawkins
Chris Isaak
Wanda Jackson
Candye Kane
Scott Kempner (from del lords)
Lets Go Bowling lead guitarist
Los Lobos
Patty Loveless
Nick Lowe
Johnny Mathis
Julie Miller
Joan Osborne
Buck Owens
Dolly Parton
John Prine
Bonnie Raitt
Zachary Richard
Roadside Mark
Linda Rondstat
Peter Rowan
Jules Shear
Michelle Shocked
Ginger Spice (!)
Syd Straw (again)
Norma Waterson
Gillian Welch
Cheryl Wheeler
Hank Williams Sr.
Victoria Williams


Johnny Bazz, Phil, Dave, Lee Allen, Steve Berlin, Gene Taylor :) 24
(Some with or without Steve and Gene, one with multiple copies of Phil.)

Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, John Bazz, Rick Solem, Steve Berlin, and Bobby Lloyd Hicks. 2

Hollywood Fats, Dave, Steve Berlin, Bateman and Bazz (Phil, presumably)

Phil, John Bazz, Bill Bateman, James Intveld & Dave Alvin

Pete Johnson on keys, Lee Allen on sax, Charlie Parker on Sax, Bill Bateman on drums, John Bazz on Bass, L. Hampton vibes, Dave and Phil guitars and vocals, Dwight Yoakam backup and Carl Perkins

Dave, Phil, Steve, Lee, David Hidalgo, Greg Leisz

Dave, Phil, Gregory Boaz & Johhny Bazz & me on bass, Rick Solem on keys, Dave Hidalgo, the Memphis Horns, Kelly Willis, Bill Bateman and Bobby Lloyd Hicks on drums.

The Pleasure Barons Tour

Dave, Phil, Johm, Bill, Lee, Chrissy Hynde and Chuck Leavell on keys.

Phil, Dave, John, Bill, Gene, Lee, Steve, Hollywood Fats, and James Intveld.

Dave - vocals & guitar, Bobby Lloyd Hicks - drums & vocals, Joe Terry - Keyboards & vocals, Lou Whitney - Bass & vocals, D. Clinton Thompson - Guitar & vocals

Phil, Dave, John Doe bass, Rick Solemn keys, and Jim Keltner drums.

Dave Alvin (guitar), Phil Alvin (guitar), Sam Maghett (guitar), Donald Dunn (bass), Al Jackson Jr. (drums), Charlie Rich (piano), Lee Allen (Sax 1), Joe Houston (Sax 2), Ted Roddy (harmonica), Lola Thomas & Sarah Dash (backing vocals)

Phil, Dave, Billy Zoom, Lee Allen, Bill, John, Gene, Steve

Dave, Phil, and Billy Zoom

Dave n' Phil (Guits & vocals) Sonny Landreth (slide guit) Iris Dement (backup vocals & duets) Davey Farragher (bass & b/u vocals) David Greeley (fiddle) Geno Delafose (piano accordion) OR, depending on the song: Steve Riley (10-button accordion) Dudley Fruge' (drums) Ed Spear (roadie) Neal Lemerise (photographer and resident psycho when Phil isn't around)

Dave & Phil with the Lee Rocker on Bass, the dude from The Rev. Horton Heat on drums, the brass from Let's Go Bowling, and Jerry Lee Lewis on the keys.

Dave, Jerry, John and James Intveld

Not to sound Dave-centric, but as long as Dave Alvin's in the group, they could put anyone they wanted in the Blasters.

Dave Alvin, Phil Alvin, David Hidalgo, Steve Berlin, Gene Taylor, Lee Allen, John Bazz, Greg Leisz and Katy Moffatt

all guitar men nothing else. A noise fest hootenany: Phil, Dave, Howe Gelb, Rainer Ptacek, Chuck Prophet, Greg Brown.

Bazz and Bateman would be the rythym section, Rick Solem or Gene Taylor could play piano, Dave and Billy Zoom could take the guitar leads and Phil could sing.

Dave, Phil, Kelly Joe Phelps, Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner, Memphis Horns, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Phil Alvin-vocals (essential) Dave Alvin-guitar (essential) Lee Allen-sax (essential) Kevin Cahill-bass (that's me) Jerry Lee Lewis-piano,vocals (you did say fantasy) Buddy Rich v. Max Roach-drums (imagine that!)

Phil, Dave, Lee, Gene, Bill, John, and Smokey

Roadside Mark C.D. Driftwood Candye Kane Joe Ely Rosie Flores

Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men The Blasters Los Lobos Tom Russell

dave, phil, dave gonzales(paladins),country dick montana,and my friend marshall(drums) from a band in seattle called the creepers.

As long as Dave is there....

Dave, Steve Earle,Alejandro Escovedo, Greg Boaz, Greg Leisz, Lee Allen, Dr. John, Bobby Lloyd Hicks, and Phil

Dave, Phil, Steve, John, Lee, Gene , Billy Zoom, John Doe, Ray Campi, Sonny Burgess, Sleepy LaBeef and Sun Ra oh yeah...Link Wray.

Billy Zoom John Doe DJ Bonebrake Geza X

Dave Alvin & The Paladins featuring Anson Funderbergh, guitar (This was for real on the Norwegian "US Blues Tour -95" )It was just completely insane. 5 hr. in heaven, ended by the above line-up!! Complete, utterly, absolute ROCK AND ROLL.

Dave, Phil, Lee Allen, John Doe


used to go to Santa cruz and watch Dave with Chris Gaffney. I would be amazed at how empty those venues would be. I've been a fan of his and the Blasters since 1980 when they opened fo r the English Beat. I met them at show in Palo Alto when they opened for the James Harman Band. Please tell them that one of the "Gilroy Girls" said hi. thank you

just not the same without the brothers together

I want someone to relase Phil's Unsung Stories on CD

I'm relatively new to Dave, having bought my first Blasters album just a few years ago, just after seeing Dave play with the Pleasure Barons in Fort Worth in March, 1993. I saw the Beat Farmers play a couple of times after that, but I still haven't had the chance to see Dave and the Guilty Men live. If "Interstate City" is any indication, it will be a show worth waiting for...

I know that Dave deserves more recognition from the public than he gets, but then again, if that were true we would see less of him in clubs and that's where his music really comes through. I think he needs the sweat and the smoke and the bee r. It's part of his authenticity. I hope he plays forever.

I don't know a whole lot about the Blasters, I'm way more into Dave's solo stuff. I wish Dave would tour in Germany after the release of the new album and I hope he will have the great Greg Leisz with him. I like Dave's rock records but "King Of California" really puts more focus on the songwriting and that's really what I'm most interested in. I hope, the new record will have the lyrics in the booklet!!

Don't forget Dave's books.

The Blasters music is ageless. I've got a nine year old son who is hooked on the Blasters music.

Interstate City is the best sounding live recording that I've heard. The band is right on, as always, and the sound and mixing were great. I hope that Dave will consider a follow-up live album.

The world is a better place because of Dave Alvin (and Tom Russel).
I had Dave in a duet with the lead guy from Let's Go Bowling (2-Tone ska band--can't remember his name right now) because him and the lead singer/rhythm man, Paul remind me exactly of Dave and Phil in their demeanor, age, and hair color, etc. (even though they're not brothers.) The lead guy is a young, blonde spikey haired, kid in an undershirt flying around the stage on his knees, while Paul, usually in a tweed suit, is a little older, a little more calm, and takes care of the singing, I brought this up one time when talking with Paul, and he agreed. If you ever get the chance to see Let's Go Bowling, do it. You'll know what I'm talking about.

What a silly poll!!! Dave just kicks ass! I like Dave (and have for more than a decade); the rest of that stuff is bull!

The Blasters changed my life in 1982 when I was 15. I was listening to alot of early hardcore & the Blasters introduced me to a rock & roll form that made me want to jump up & down, & find the roots too. From The Blasters I fell in love with the kin of the time - Green On Red, Long Ryders, Blood On The Saddle, Early Lone Justice, Gun Club, Flesheaters, X, Giant Sand, Morrels, Jonathan Richman & on down the line

This poll is disappointing because you don't Blackjack David as one of the Dave Alvin album choices. It could be his best.

I got to meet Dave and chat with him at The Monsters of Folk at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn, Illinois. Very cool to meet my main musical influence and turn out that he's such a great guy! If my band (The Lone Assassins) ever makes it we owe a lot to Dave's inspiration. I love the new album. I think "1968" is one of the best songs Dave ever wrote.

The Blasters have got me through good times and bad-divorce, love, drunkeness and other states of altered reality; and through it all: GREAT MUSIC!!!! I've seen them live many times but not lately, which is a real shame. Any chance of a reunion of the brothers? Didn't think so.....

I've never met Phil but my dad once shook his hand at a show. I have met Dave and he's always so great. I'll never forget the time he did Wanda and Duane and talked about how Wanda has tabloids in the bedroom, especially the one with ANNA NICOLE-SMITH'S BOOBS EXPLODE! on the cover. Dave and Phil are both excellent showmen. I'm looking foward to seeing Dave at the FolkFest this year. Long live American music!

I wish Phil would get a new watch so he makes it to a gigs on time, That way the band doesn't look so s tunned when he finally jumps on stage half ready forgetting some of the lines. He is a joy but he has that one bad trait.

Dave's gotthe coolest leather jacket and silver necklace. plus he taught Dwight Yoakum a thing a or two about fashion.

I just saw Dave at the Mercury Lounge in NYC with the Guily Men and it confirmed to me that Dave is the absolute best. New record is awesome, particularly cuts 9 and 10. Dave is my favorite songwriter, right up ther with Earle, Escovedo and Shane MacGowan.

My favorite Dave Alvin album is now Blackjack David, his new one just out.

Hello! I just wanted to say that I saw Dave live for the first time last week in Iowa City. The show was great! I had no idea what was in store for me. The bar was packed and he played to an appreciative crowd. The next time I see that he is even remotely close to these parts it looks like I'm going to be taking a road trip!

I like them [ed: The Blasters] just the way they are, thank you. I also would like to say that I do not like having to choose one over the other (Phil or Dave) they each have their own style. They always have. I enjoy both of them.

Seeing the Blasters performances in Philadelphia in the 80's was the best time of my life. I still have an autographed [empty] package of guitar strings from Phil. I belive Dave Alvin is one of the finest American artists in a class with, not just our best musical artists, but also people like John Steinbeck. He's a great guitarist and songwriter. He's a treasure. The only other treasures I can compare him to is Tom Waits and Lucinda Williams. They are all unique artists. They are each very special to me. I love Phil too, but he's just not as profilic, musically, I'm sure he's doing lots of other things I don't know about!

I found this page because I just got Dave's new CD and it's listed. I'm happy to find out there is a page!

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