The 2nd Blasters/Dave Alvin Poll

The poll is now closed- results will be posted by 30 July.

After much delay, I've decided it was about time for a new Blasters/ Dave Alvin poll. There are a few repeats from last time, just to see if the sentiments are still the same and I've managed to come up with a few new ideas as well. (You can still see the Results from the first Blasters/Dave Alvin Poll.) I hope you enjoy.

Please fill in the lines below and submit. I'll post and update the responses on a separate page. Feel free to add comments or reviews of your faves in the enclosed text box. Thanks a million!

Results will be posted by 1Aug98.

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Dave won this coveted title clearly last time. Will his support stand up a second time? Is it time for a single battle of the brothers question?
My favorite Blaster is:

Dave Alvin
Phil Alvin
Bill Bateman
John Bazz
Gene Taylor
Lee Allen
Jerry Angel
Steve Berlin
Hollywood Fats
Smokey Hormel
James Intveld
Keith Wyatt
Billy Zoom

My favorite Blaster album is:

American Music
Over There
Non Fiction
Hard Line
The Re-released American Music
The Blasters Bootleg

My favorite Blasters song is:

My Favorite Dave Alvin solo album is:

Romeo's Escape
Blue Boulevard
Museum of Heart
King of California
Interstate City

My favorite Dave Alvin other album is:
(This could be a guest-appearance, non-Blaster/solo LP, or a production credit.)

My favorite Dave Alvin-penned song is:

My favorite Dave Alvin-performed song is:

If you like the Blasters, you ought to check out:

If you like Dave Alvin, you ought to check out:

The one Philism I can't get enough of:

Dedications and between-song prattle
The Grin
Watching him remove his sweaty jacket
Leg kicks
Arm/hand gestures during songs
His knack for finding that perfect Spanish word

Dave should do a duet with:

The ultimate Blasters lineup:
(this could be real or fantasy - people who
have once played with the Blasters or not...)


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