Scot's Podium 27 May 2002

The new feedback submission/processing system is in!


The new system I mentioned in my last message is now in! You will notice the formats of the news, reviews, rumors, and Q\&A pages have changed accordingly. The old pages are still there, linked to off the new pages. Hopefully there will be new entries on the new pages shortly- once I start getting submissions and time to process them. At least the time now will be less than in the past and the band members will have a much easier time being able to answer your quesitons in a timely manner.

Please let me know if you are having any problems with the new system. Of course, you'll have to use the new system to let me know you are having any problems, so it might be difficult. You could try emailing me at my old address: and I'll probably see it eventually. I put this system in, though, so I wouldn't have to keep checking email there! Some day, I may get to checking and processing the earlier items people have sent me via email, but if you really want a response, it'd be safer to re-submit using the new system.

Now that this is done, I'll be able to start working on a page reorganization and getting a domain name to use instead of my current machine name. Although I don't expect to get this done very soon....



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