Scot's Podium 27 Mar 99

Caught Up Again

OK, first and foremost, a lot of you have probably noticed that my form-based mail service wasn't working right anymore. Actually, it was working, although it looked like it wasn't, so I wound up getting 4-5 messages from everyone who tried it several times to see if would work. I just installed a new script which seems to work and I now have direct control over it so I can hopefully keep it running. Thanks do go to the old service I was using via the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Please let me know if you have any problems with the new setup.

Needless to say, my intense travel schedule hasn't let up yet (two weeks in Japan with my then-fiance and a number of trips to Austin and a few US observatories), but I have recently caught up with my back log of messages (about 300 were waiting for me, although a lot of them, thankfully, were duplicates as described above) and added a lot of little tidbits to the pages. There isn't much going on in the Blaster camp, but I did add a few sightings and reviews. There are quite a few new Dave reviews and some new additions to the Marketplace.

Again, I tried to respond to most people who sent email unless the message was just too outdated to need a reply at this point or the supplied email address was wrong or missing. The new comment form REQUIRES a valid email address before it will send me your message, so I'm hoping that clears a few things up, as long as everyone types it in correctly! I've now got a ton of questions and general fan mail to forward to Dave and the Blasters. Knowing how hard these guys work on a daily basis, it may be a while before we get any responses, but your comments and questions were not lost- they are all still in the pipeline....

Part of the reason for my recent backlog of work was that I just got married: on March 7th in San Mateo (near The City, San Francisco) to my wonderful bride who has yet to catch a Blasters or Dave Alvin gig. We returned to Austin (where she is currently) on the 13th, but I got the usual post-wedding flu and didn't make it out to see Dave that night in town. Next time....:>

I've got a big observing run coming up in April that I am going to be coordinating from here in Iowa - we have about 14 observatories around the globe looking at the same star for about two to three weeks starting in just a few days. I plan on being able to keep on top of incoming issues, but will have to put any major put any WWW page expansion off for a bit. My plans include a lyric archive and perhaps biographical material on band members, something which I just haven't been able to do yet. Hopefully you've all seen the new Band Biography section courtesy of Billy Davis - that was another thing on my list since the beginning.

OK, I've ranted on long enough and I need to get home to install my new monitor on my computer.

Thanks for dropping by!


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