Scot's Podium 14Jun98

Finally Caught Up

Well, I finally got around to cleaning out over 450 mail messages in my incoming mailbox and got a bunch of new stuff on the pages. Sent a bunch of your questions to both The Blasters and Dave. The Blasters have been in a low state lately and Dave is out on tour again, so the new questions may take a while to get answered. I tried to respond to all emails that needed a response - in some case, I decided they were too old to still be relevant, or I didn't get a reliable return email address. I'm trying now to stay current with emails as they arrive, and so far, so good, but the real test will be later this month when I'm off to Norway and France for a couple weeks.

Unfortunately, those couple weeks will be when Dave is around the Midwest, so I'll miss the nearby shows and am thinking of planning a trip back to Austin to catch him there. In the meantime, if anyone sees him and cares to write a review, or send a tape (!:), feel free, and I'll post it on the site, hopefully in less time than it's taken me lately.

A few people have been worried about Johnny Bazz's touring with the T-birds. No need- word on the street is it's only a temporary fill-in.

Oh, I lied about the 2nd Blasters/Dave Alvin poll: since I'll be gone at the end of June and the beginning of July, I won't have the results posted by 1 July -let's extend it to 1 August. If you haven't voted, please do!

Well, thanks for the patience and I'll be continuing to update as stuff comes in to me.



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