Scot's Podium 12 Jan 2002

WWW Changes

Hi All,

Haven't been here in a while (1999 was my last note) and, as you've probably noticed, the WWW site has not been updated very frequently of late. There are many reasons for this. One of which you've already discovered if you are reading this. This site used to be hosted on a machine I used in Texas as a graduate student (I graduated in 1995). I am no longer in Texas and keeping this site up remotely took more time than it used to. So, I just today moved everything to one my new machines in New Mexico. All the old bullwinkle pages should have auto-links to the new site.

The site itself really grew quickly when I started it and it is terribly organized. As part of the site transfer, I plan to re-organize the site. You shouldn't see much difference, but it will make it easier for me to maintain. I will try to do this in a way where old links won't break, but it may be hard. I'll probably use the auto-link trick I did to get you here from my old page.

Now there's still the problem of email. I have responded to VERY little of it recently for which I apologize profusely. Why? 1) the emails were going (still do until I figure out a new scheme) to my old machine which I don't login to on a regular basis and 2) my new job in New Mexico generates 50-100 emails a day - I am therefore up to my gills in emails as it is. I don't yet have a good solution to this, so I will probably continue to mostly ignore emails while I get the site back up to speed. Then, I hope I will figure out something that will let me deal with things without too much additional time/hassle.

In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to the re-releases!

In case you're interested, my job in New Mexico is with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey which is a very ambitious project to map EVERYthing in about 1/2 of what you can see in the Northern sky. We expect to get locations and distances to over a million galaxies. This will be the biggest (by far) map of the Universe to date and will help us answer all kinds of questions about how things are.



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