Scot's Podium 7Dec98

No Longer Caught Up

Oh boy, seems like I've hardly been home since my last update here. Been to Europe twice (Norway, France, and Turkey), South Africa once (Cape Town) and am headed to Japan in a couple weeks. I did catch a Dave gig in Austin (drove down to the old hometown from Iowa) but missed the band when they played in my new hometown of Ames. And of course I missed the entire Dylan tour (check out Billy Davis's Tour Review though). Haven't made it back to CA for a while either, so I've not made any of the latest round of Blasters gigs.

I've got a million new questions for Dave and the Blasters which haven't been answered yet; part of it is me not getting them all in order and part is Dave being on the road so much lately. I've got your questions and am slowly getting things together, so they will be answered someday, I'm sure. It's been a pretty impressive year for Dave and it's nice to see a new resurgence in Blaster's activity - let's hope it continues into '99.

I'll be behind again after the holidays, but am trying to get things de-backlogged before then, so let's see if I can manage or not. I've gotten a lot of emails recently with invalid (or none) return addresses, so if you don't get a response by the next time I say I'm caught up, it's probably because I couldn't get a valid address for you.

Cheers, and happy holidays.


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