Scot's Podium 3 Aug 99

Comings and Goings

Hi All,

Lots going on to report. Saw Dave in Des Moines a couple weeks ago and we had a nice chat about our various comings and goings (and both agreeing CA Mexican food is substantially better than TX Mexican food, for whatever that's worth). Also chatted a while with Greg Boaz who is anxious to return home for a bit and continue setting up his new CA house and studio.

Dave confirmed the upcoming Slim's gig is going to be a Knitter's reunion. He's keeping pretty busy the next few months, although the band gets a much-needed, little breather. I gave him the last of the questions submitted here, so I'm current on the incoming email up to about a couple weeks ago when I saw him. I've previously sent him a ton of other fan mail/questions, which he is grateful for, but also overwhelmed by. He'll probably just write one long return essay this time, instead of answering every question individually. Needless to say it'll be posted as soon as I get it!

Once again, I'm in flux --- leaving Iowa for a new job in New Mexico starting in mid-September. But first, a few weeks in Europe (mostly on business), so I'll be out of touch for a while with that, than a while longer setting myself up again. The WWW pages aren't going anywhere, though. I may eventually have to move them to a new site, but I'll try to make a graceful transition period as much as possible. Good news - thanks to one WWW-friend, Anita Bunter, we now have a new address for the Dave Alvin page: (of course, the capitalization is optional)! This will help ease the transition if I ever do move off bullwinkle. I haven't tested it thoroughly myself yet, but it certainly does point to the initial Dave Alvin page without much trouble. No new domain for the Blasters part of the page, but I'm thinking about it....

Not much contact on the Blasters side of things. They did have a couple LA gigs recently and I got some email about that which I'll post- but probably not at least until I get back from Europe (Cracow, Budapest, Toulouse, and Geneva), sorry. I did add a new background on the Blasters page. Hope that's not causing anyone trouble. I generally don't like anything too fancy on WWW pages, so they are fast and able to be used by a variety of different access methods, but I couldn't resist this change, once I thought of it.

Still haven't gotten around to that lyric server, although it wouldn't take too much work. Maybe that'll be my first project once I'm back....

Have fun one and all and Thanks a Million!


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