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Dave Alvin Gets Off The Interstate Just Long Enough To Win A Grammy

by Billy Davis

Dave Alvin's PUBLIC DOMAIN: SONGS FROM THE WILD LAND recently won a Grammy for Best Traditional Folk album. Go Dave!

February 21, 2001 Can you picture Dave driving his van in traffic amongst all the limousines, trying to make it on time to the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards at the Staple Center in Los Angeles? Dave loves being in that van. But that's Dave Alvin. He has written ten albums in his twenty years of music, never compromising to music biz pressure and always making music the way he wants to hear it. No one is more deserving!

Back in January, Dave learned of the nomination. Dave: "I'm floating on cloud nine. As corny as it sounds, it's amazing to be nominated. You put a lot of time in a studio and band and this is how you get paid back."

The day of the awards presentation, Dave had a secret weapon good luck charm as he recalls: "I was walking out the door and thought, 'I need something for good luck, I have to have something for good luck! The scarf!!!' I've kept it in a secret place all these years, so I got it out, and put it on. That's the scarf I wore on the Rollin Rock album and on all the Blasters album covers. I was convinced it was 'The Magic Blasters Scarf' that did it. It's pretty worn and frail, but it felt good putting it back on." [ed: See front page photo.]

When Dave won, he says he couldn't have been more surprised so he "winged it" on his acceptance speech. Here is what he said: "Thanks! This is for my mother and my father, my brother Phil, my sister Mary, my love Mary, all the musicians that played on the record, and all the musicians across the country, who are in vans pulling into truck-stops on the way to gigs and beer joints. Thanks."

Dave was interviewed backstage by the Grammy people for their official record and here is how the interview went:

The Grammys: We're backstage at the Grammys with the Best Traditional Folk 
album winner Dave Alvin. How does it feel?

Dave: Ah, eh, it feels like I drank about 27 Red Bulls all at once. I am 
rushin' man! I could run around the world right now.

Grammys: A shot of energy, oh my! Now who's the first person you'll call to 
share the good news?

Dave: My girlfriend is sitting right next to me, so that was it. But, as soon 
as I can get outside to have a cigarette I gotta call everybody on earth. I'm 
gonna go scream!

Grammys: How were you introduced to Folk music that perpetuated you being a 
folk artist your self.

Dave: My brother and I had great cousins who taught us about music. My 
brother Phil and I would sneak into blues clubs to see guys like Lightnin' 
Hopkins, Big Joe Turner, Lee Allen. T-Bone Walker, and Eddie Cleanhead 
Vinson. So that's where it all began for me.

Grammys: Congratulations on your Grammy win and Thank you.

Dave made press all over the country with an end - all comment to a tired Grammy awards topic. Here is how the AP paragraph went, setting up Dave's comment: "In the press room, talk of Eminem dominated: Grammy winners from Christian bands like Petra to blues men like Taj Mahal were asked for their opinions. One of the best answers came from the winner of best traditional folk album Grammy, Dave Alvin, whose opinion on Eminem was, "I like the brown ones.""

In another press interview Dave was asked, "What will you do next?" He replied, "It's all down hill from here. I'm gonna sell this award, and buy a farm." The interviewer came back with, "I really hope that isn't your plan?" Dave grinned and said, "I doubt it (laughs)."

New Dave Album being recorded!

Dave and the Guilty Men are now at work in the studio, working on the new album (due for release in Augist) entitled Public Domain. Sounds like it's going ot be a great album. Dave says the name describes the contents: It's called "Public Domain" and that is exactly what it is, all public domain songs. That means songs so old nobody knows who wrote 'em so nobody can claim the publishing. Dave says it's an album he's been wanting to do for a long time, and he finally decided this is the time. Also featured will be Greg Leisz and Brantley Kearns on the fiddle.

Rick Shea it Touringdates to Support His New CD

Rick Shea will be releasing his second full length CD in mid November titled Shakey Ground. The CD will include all of Rick's 1991 (and out of print) album Outside of Nashville along with 5 recently recorded tracks. The CD will be a limited release and will be available by mailorder by sending $16 post paid to Rick Shea, PO Box 294, Covina, CA 91723

He will be doing record release parties through November.:

11/9 at Jacks Sugar Shack in Hollywood CA
11/11 at Jacks with Don Wallsner
11/13 at Viva Fresh in Los Angeles
11/15 at Viva Fresh in Los Angles

Dave on 14Sep99 Little Milton Release

Little Milton's new 14 Sep 99 release, Welcome to Little Milton on the Malaco label features Dave on two tracks: Never Trust a Woman and Lump on your Stump. Also featured are Govt. Mule, Keb' Mo', Lucinda Williams, Peter Wolf, Delbert McClinton, and others.

Win tickets to Dave Alvin T-town radio show taping

On May 9, 1999, at 7:00pm at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado (2034 14th St - doors open at 6pm), Dave will be doing a live taping for the E-Town radio show. Billy Davis is holding a lottery to give away 4 tickets to the taping. Here are the details from Billy:

Anyone can enter the lottery by sending me an e-mail with your name, phone number and e-mail address. 4 winners will be randomly chosen. Each winner can bring a guest. The lottery closes at 12 midnight on Thursday May 6, 1999. Winners will be notified on Friday May 7, 1999 Your name will be put on a list to enter the taping. Please do not enter the lottery, unless you are serious about attending. This contest is being organized by me (Billy Davis) and Dave Alvin's managment. E-Town has no information on this contest so don't contact them or send entries to them. Any questions contact Davistb@aol.com.

Dave Alvin April 1999 Updata

Dave said he had a great time on the recent tour. Chicago, New York, and Tampa were great attendance shows. Chris Gaffney will be coming out again on tour with Dave in the summer. Dave will most likely be bringing Rich Shea with him as an acoustic duo on his summer west coast solo shows. Dave on Rick Shea: Last year he was fighting the road a little, but now its "Any time, any where -- Lets go!"

On March 22, 99 Dave was interviewed for Acoustic Guitar magazine for a future issue. Blackjack David is just being released in England. The new issue of Mojo Mag has a great review of BJD naming it the Americana album of the month. Recently the Sunday London Times had a great review. Dave says, That was a stunning little thing because we never even got that with the Blasters.

Dave just played on Buddy Blue's new album sessions. Buddy reports, Last weekend Dave Alvin played a mean-assed guitar solo on "Milky Way Blues" and we did some inebriated acoustic things that'll probably show up as hidden tracks. I know I say this every time I make an album but I gotta tell ya I think this'll be the best one yet!

April: Dave will be recording a session for a Little Milton tribute album. Little Milton is a blues legend who recorded for Sun records in the fifties. Dave will be playing on Ramblin Jack Elliott's new album sessions in San Francisco. Dave will be producing a 4 song session for Christie McWilson. The seattle based singer from the Picketts will be looking for a label to release the recordings.

May: Producing Katy Moffatt. Dave will tour doing acoustic duo shows with Rick Shea Amazon is taking preorders for Dave Alvin's next book even though the book isn't finished.

Submitted by Billy Davis

New Blasters/American Music Fan Club on Yahoo

Have you heard of these Yahoo on-line fan clubs? Well I've set one up for the Blasters and Dave Alvin called American Music. Below are instructions to get there:

goto www.yahoo.com
click on "more" (only if clubs is not listed on main page)
then click on"clubs"
enter "American Music" (with quotes) in Search box
club will come up as a match to the search, click on it.
In the upper right hand screen will be the button to join.
You must be registered with Yahoo to join a club. Although it's not necessary just to search through clubs or read posts, only members can post themselves or chat. On the clubs screen will be a link for signing up - then just follow their directions. Don't worry...Yahoo accounts are free.

Submitted by Billy Davis

Dave Track on Luxury Liner vol. III

A song from Dave's Blackjack David album will be included on a compilation album of singer/songwriters called Luxury Liner vol. III. The album will be out in November on Glitterhouse Records, a fine German indie label for "alt.country" and related music. Some of the other artists featured on the album are Buddy Miller, Duane Jarvis, Vic Chesnutt and one Markus Rill from Germany. The album can be ordered from mailorder@glitterhouse.owis.de.
Submitted by Markus Rill

The Skeletons on Cartoon Network Asia

The Cartoon Network called, wanted some music for a new show that will be shown in the Asian market this fall, We sent in a theme song demo, and they went for it! So we put together the theme plus 11 other pieces of incidental music for a show called "'Toons A Go Go", which will be shown in the Orient this fall.

Two days after we pulled the cartoon music together, Rudy"Tutti" Grazell came to town to do a new album for the Sideburns label..(a rock off-shoot of the blues label Burnside). It's a rockin' record covering his classics "Ducktails", "F.B.I. Story", and "Let's Get Wild" plus ten others...and once again Donnie played his ass off !!!!!

The only other news is that Joe Terry (Skeletons' keyboardist) will be out this summer and fall with Dave Alvin...so it should be a rockin' good summer!

Submitted by Bobby Lloyd Hicks

Dave on the air 31 May 98

Dave will be on a Southern California radio show called Folkscene on the 31st of May. Take a listen, and if you can record it, please let me know!

Blackjack David Due out June 16

Dave's new album, Blackjack David, is sheduled to come out on the 16th of June. His production on the Red Meat album is done and that's working its way through the machine as well. (Red Meat is a SF band with Mid-West roots playing some serious Honky Tonk. I could say more, but they have their own WWW site at : http://home.earthlink.net/~lesjames/.) Dave is going out on tour again soon, but plans to spend a few days in Springfield MO with King Clarenz, a loud Delta Blues guitarist, recording an album with him and the band, before it starts. Dave's hoping to get it all done in 3 days. Dave just got back from the Monsters of Folk tour and had a blast, as usual. Only problem, he said, was the increasingly smaller spaces they give you on airplanes these days....

New Album is Done Recording; Book is Delayed

Dave and crew just finished recording the new album, Blackjack David which should see release in June. The recording took longer than expected (about 6 weeks recording time), so the new book expected out by now will be further delayed. Dave's hoping for a summer release. In the meantime, he's producing the new album for Red Meat, a San Francisco band I've not heard of, but hope to have some info. on soon. (See the link in the report above.)

Dave doesn't get the Grammy

The Grammy for best album notes went to John Fahey, Luis Kemnitzer, Jon Pankake, Chuck Pirtle, Jeff Place, Neil V. Rosenberg, Luc Sante, Peter Stampfel, and Eric Von Schmidt for the notes form the Smithsonian Folkways Recording release of the Anthology of American Folk Music. Dave, see next article, was also nominated in this category.

A Grammy Nomination for Dave

Dave has recently been nominated for a Grammy award in the Liner Notes category. The award is for the liner notes he worked on in collaboration with Ahmet Ertegun and a few others for the recent Ray Charles box set on Rhino. It's funny that Dave gets noticed for liner notes and not lyrics, but it's a start. Good luck, Dave!

Derailers Album Release Date Set

The Dave Alvin produced new Derailers album, Reverb Deluxe is scheduled to be released 18 November. I saw Dave and the Derailers at a recent gig in Hollywood and both were hot. Do check out this album when it comes out.

October 1, 1997 Update

Dave to Appear on Bruce Springsteen Tribte Album

Dave will have a track, Seeds on the upcoming Bruce Springsteen tribute album. It's due for release 23 Sep and Dave is quite proud of his contribution, saying it's really a Dave Alvin tune now.

Dave Describes Upcoming Album

Dave's next studio album is going to be in the vein of King Of California. Greg Leisz is producing and will start rehearsals with Dave in November. Greg is currently on tour with K.D. Lang. In late December the recordings will begin and they will finish in January. They are trying to make a May release date. Some song titles include Abilene, Mary Brown, Evening Blues, and a song Dave is really excited about, as he explains, "It's going to have a clever name or a mundane name like I Hate the Way You Say Goodbye."

Dave to Produce new Katy Moffat Album

In the spring Dave will be going back to the producers seat to "make a tougher record" for Katy Moffat.

Dave to Publish New Book

Dave has a new book coming out entitled, The Crazy Ones. It should hit the streets in December. You can get more info from the above link, or Incommunicado's WWW Page.

Pertinent Questions and the Skeletons

A couple of months ago, I sent a question for Dave regarding performing in Syracuse and working with the Skeletons. At the time, there were no plans to be in Syracuse and no word on the Skeletons. (By the way, the monster drummer on Dave's new live disc is Bobby Lloyd Hicks who is a Skeleton.) Well, Well - for all Skeletons fans (and if you like Dave, you ought to like these guys), they are scheduled to release a disc on Hightone (Dave's label) on April 15th. In addition, Dave is scheduled to perform at the Happy Endings Coffeehouse in Syracuse on March 2nd. I presume this will be a solo gig and may include some poetry reading. Hopefully, the front row will be full of my friends and myself and perhaps I'll send in a review of the show.

Submitted by Wayne Stevens

Ray Campi Album

Ray Campli has just finished a new album, Train Rhythm Blue, for the Sci Fi Western label. Dave guests on three songs, which are his own Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame, Stan Ridgway's Luther Played Guitar, and an original entitled An Honest Bar. Dave plays solos on the first two, and nararates on the third. Other guests include Stan Ridgway, Greg Leisz, and Tony Gilkyson. Dave produced and played guitar, Rip Masters handeled piano, DJ Bonebrake on drums, and Ray sang and played bass. The record is scheduled to be out in May.

Dave has been busy of late.

He is working on a new Derailers album, which if it is anything like the last one, will be a must-have. Also rumored is upcoming studio work for a new album coming next year on Hightone. Dave also recently laid down some tracks for a future Ray Campi album. Be on the watch for it.

Live album to be released 30July 1996.

The rumor mill has it that Dave's recently-recorded live album will be released on July 30th. The album should be titled Interstate City, which is also the title of a new song to be featured on the album.

Dave Alvin to Tour Australia.

Come April, Dave will be performing a few shows in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, and Cairns along with the Byron Bay East coast Blues Festival. The only thing that makes Dave nervous about the trip is the 18 hour plane trip without a cigarette! Luckily, if he's leaving from LA, it should only be 12-14 hours unless he's making a stop along the way.

New Dave Alvin Album.

Dave Alvin, having just finished the Derailers production and currently touring Australia, plans to record his own album in Austin this May. Plans are for a live album to be recorded at Austin's Continental Club to be released in August. See the Upcoming Shows section for more information.

Dave Alvin produces Derailers album.

Dave has been in Austin, Texas quite a bit lately producing an album for the band The Derailers, called Jackpot. The album is out now and is a must for anyone that is a fan of pure honky-tonk sounds. He also performed on stage with the Blasters during their recent Austin gig, sitting in for a couple songs, including trademark, Marie Marie.

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