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What is the Show Archive?
Via the Blasters show archive, you can see or enter information about a Blasters show by selecting the year and optional month and day below. You can select a particular date or print a calendar for any chosen month or year. You can also enter your own search criteria and search for particular songs, venues, shows with pictures, etc. I rely on user-input to build the database and thank you for your contributions.

What's in the Show Archive?
You can see or enter the show details (where, when, etc.), the setlist, and provide information about any known recordings of the show. Once any of the above information has been provided (you don't have to enter all of it), you can then re-visit the page for that day and add pictures from or a review of the show. If show information has already been provided, you can see that and immediately add pictures or a review. I've started the archive with a show on December 16, 2006. Select 2006, Any, Any below if you want to see it as an example.

When do I get to see what I've submitted?
Once you submit information, it doesn't appear on the web until after I have approved it. I try to check for new submissions regularly, so you shouldn't see more than a few days delay unless you've caught me at a really bad time. I've found that some operating system / web browser combinations don't work with my picture uploading method. I'm trying to figure out a way around that, so if you know how, or if you find something else not working, please let me know via my comment page.


Use the menus below to select a show, and see or enter the show details, along with reviews and pictures.

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Upcoming Shows

Since I was just copying these dates from other sources, I decided to save myself the hassle and just tell you where I got the dates from:

The Blasters Official homepage has a list of Upcoming dates on their site.

Billy Davis keeps a list of Blasters and Dave Alvin dates.

And of course, you can also check out Pollstar.

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