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The Mike Eldred Trio Debut CD

Mike Eldred, guitarist from Lee Rocker's Big Blue has formed his own trio with Blasters rhythm section John Bazz and Jerry Angel. Eldred handles the vocals and blazing guitar. The CD is described as being a combination of blues, boogie, and rockabilly. What ever it is, it's hot! The band is heading toward great things. Now through a limited mail-order offer, an advance promo limited pressing is being made available.

Send $15 to Mike Eldred Trio PO BOX 5120 Bellflower CA 90707 - 5120

New Blasters/American Music Fan Club on Yahoo

Have you heard of these Yahoo on-line fan clubs? Well I've set one up for the Blasters and Dave Alvin called American Music. Below are instructions to get there:

click on "more" (only if clubs is not listed on main page)
then click on"clubs"
enter "American Music" (with quotes) in Search box
club will come up as a match to the search, click on it.
In the upper right hand screen will be the button to join.
You must be registered with Yaho? to join a club. Although it's not necessary just to search through clubs or read posts, only members can post themselves or chat. On the clubs screen will be a link for signing up - then just follow their directions. Don't worry...Yahoo accounts are free.

Submitted by Billy Davis

Blasters Tribute Album Out 19 Aug 1998

Mike Lynam writes:

I thought I'd take the opportunity to pass along the following information which I am sure you will be interested in. My label, Run Wild Records, will be releasing an 18-song tribute album to the Blasters on or about the 19th of August. It will be quite a rave up with the likes of the Blacktop Rockets, Billy Hancock, Lucky 7, Josie Kreuzer, Hot Rod Lincoln, The Sabrejets, the Sloe Gin Joes, Highway 13, Libbi Bosworth, and more. The songs are all Dave's and span the recordings which were done between 1979 and 1985.

Here is an attached photo of the cover if you want to include at the website somewhere. Also, if you want to set up a link to me for anyone who might have questions, feel free to do so. As I said, the disc will be available right around the 19th and will cost anyone $12 (ppd) via mail.

Mike Lynam
Run Wild Records
PO Box 123
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Blasters Update

Johnny Bazz has been touring with the T-birds, filling in, at least for the moment. (Don't worry, it's not permanent; Johnny should be done this month.) Phil meanwhile has been spending time with his computer, trying to get it ready to record home jam sessions for instant internet distribution. Would be quite cool if something happens. Keith is about to start recording a Blues guitar instructional tape called, Blues Guitar Tone. His solo band is called the Crying Knobs and has a track on a Musicians Institute compilation CD coming out this summer. Word is a Blasters Tribute CD is in the works. Looks like it's featuring a lot of Austin/TX musicians. Tom Clifford, of Austin, writes: A new tribute to the Blasters CD will be out this summer on the Run Wild label out of New Jersey. We cut two tracks for it here in Austin -- Libbi Bosworth singing "Hey Girl" (she said "boy" ) and I'm doing "Trouble Bound." Matt Eskey, Mike Middleton and Pete Gordon (Mojo Nixon's band) along with Paul Skelton on guitar (Cornell Hurd and Wayne Hancock) backed us up. It kicks ass!. Also mentioned as contributors are the Blacktop Rockets, Sloe Gin Joes, Billi Hancock, Lucky 7, and Josie Kreuzer.

Bill Bateman joins James Harman Band

Bill Bateman, drummer with the Blasters from the start until 1992, has recently joined ranks with the Jamers Harman Band. Expect a Spring tour.

Blasters First Album to be Re-released?

As many of you know, it is getting very hard to find Blasters material any more. Even the "Collection" CD seems to be out of print and is vanishingly hard to find. The good news from the rumor front, however, is that the band is currently negotiating to release their original Rolling Rock record on CD. Save those pennies - it's a must album for true fans.

New Guitarist Named.

Word from the band is the Blasters' new guitarist is Keith Wyatt. An official announcement should be coming soon.

Private Music Plans Web Page.

Private Music, a division of RCA is planning on setting up a Web Page for the Blasters new album when it comes out. You can bet you will find the link here. They are quite excited about the project and rumor has it, are continuouslyt inquiring about the Blasters lineup problem. Let's hope they find a guitarist soon. Wonder if Bob Weir needs another regular gig?

James Intveld Quits.

Guitarist James Intveld quit the band to pursue acting and independent musical projects. There appear to be no hard feelings and the band will miss him. Says Phil, "James is one of the best musicians I ever played with. It was an honor to play with him and to contribute anything to him. My intention the whole time was to see James take some musical growth. It was clear that ultimately James was going to sing his songs and I was going to sing mine.... He is a gentleman who will always be one of the great Blaster guitar players. James is a good friend and will be for the rest of my life."

James's last Blasters gig was on Dec. 26, 1995 at Jack's Sugar Shack in Los Angeles. Interviews are currently underway for a new guitarist. Ian Espinoze filled in temporarily for a one-night gig on 31Jan, 1996.

New Blasters Live Album Delayed.

Due to the recent departure of guitarist, James Intveld, the new live Blasters album, The Blasters @Home has been delayed. Some, if not all, of the tracks will be redone with the new guitarist. No new target date has yet been announced.

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