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Hey, wipe that smile off your arm.

This one is for my mi hermano Dave, who at this very moment is lying to some girl in some bar.

This one goes out to everyone who's been in rehab that wasn't court-ordered.
[Phil saw this and corrected it - the real quote and story is:
The way that I introduce LONG WHITE CADILLAC is,This goes out to everyone who HAS NOT been through a rehibilitation program unless it was court ordered. In other words, I'm saying I'm sending this out to you, the drug abuser and user and the one who is proud about it and who is not gonna be upset about it. Hollywood Fats knew he was gonna die, was happy to die and contributed greatly to the society where he died.]

This one goes out to all those truck drivers on Highway 95.

4-11-44, daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

Thanks a million.

Forgot about that bowtie. Wondered what the heck was hap'nin'.

This one goes out to Mike Tyson and Saddam Hussein. (Before launching into One Bad Stud.)

This one comes from: Rob McGowan

(Jan '98, Downtown Street Party: The band, forced to go on stage, plays some blues standards because Phil is nowhere to be found. They call this one "Waitin' for Phil," and midway through the song, Phil jumps past a security guard and goes on stage from the crowd.) He sings to the blues beat:

(very roughly paraphrased)
My car's double-parked
Out on the street.

Sorry, I'm late
But I got stuck in traffic
And can't find a place to park.

The engine's still runnin'
I gotta go move it
I'll be right back . . .

(he leaves and comes back about 5 minutes later)

Uncle Ray sends in this one, but can't remember what the song was:

This one goes out to Marvin Gaye, whose father shot him., Michelob Street Scene, San Diego, 1984.

Submitted by Jon Handel
Just for the record; when Phil announces "this song is dedicated to Dennis Rodman". He is introing their great verison of the classic Charlie Rich song, Rebound.

Submitted by Gabby:

When singing "love is my Business", Phil states, "This goes out to the stockmarket, it does not go out to us!"

Also, when singing "It's All Your Fault", Phil introduces it by saying "my girl done left me." and sometimes, "My good gal has done throw'd me down."

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